I exercised, primarily using basic body weight exercises, off and on until my mid-forties.  At that time, I started experiencing significant joint pain throughout my body: neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees and toes. Knee pain made it difficult to walk up or down a single flight of stairs. Hip pain made it difficult to walk at all. I felt old far beyond my years.

In September 2015, I came across a program called IntuFlow by Scott Sonnon. The first two times I performed the level 1 (of 4) exercises, I felt no change in my severe hip pain.  However, the third time I performed the exercises, I heard a loud pop from my right hip and, as though a switch had been thrown, the pain immediately and completely ceased. It was remarkable! My hip had been immobilized and pressed on the underlying nerve. Performing the exercises slowly and gently had mobilized the hip and released the nerve pressure.

The relief I experienced motivated me to continue performing the exercises, and I gradually progressed to the fourth level of difficulty. Along the way, I experienced resolution of more pain.

So, impressed with the results, I next tried Sonnon’s FlowFit program in February 2016. This set of exercises looked easy until I attempted to perform them and immediately realized how weak and inflexible my body was.  I kept practicing, slowly and gradually progressing, until I was able to perform the fourth level of FlowFit exercises. By that time, ALL of the pain in ALL of my joints (most notably my knees) was gone. I felt young again.

While I had made enormous progress, I knew I needed help progressing.  So, in March 2017, I attended a FlowFit workshop.  The workshop inspired me to pursue certification.  So, in November 2017, I began learning 6 Degree Flow (as a pre-requisite for certification).  6 Degree Flow enabled me to build sufficient mobility and strength that I thought I was capable of meeting the certification requirements.  The following February, I attended the FlowFit instructor certification workshop, and eventually passed the certification test in August 2018.

These were my first experiences with Circular Strength Training (CST). I continue to study and train in additional programs in the CST system. The more I learn, the more I encourage others to use IntuFlow to begin their journey toward pain-free mobility and functional strength.