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Avoid Rebounding


Dear Son,

I just had a visitor and she told me about her rebound exerciser trampoline and her routine. She referred me to a book called “Rebound Exercise for the Millennium” by Albert E. Carter.  She says it is good for taking toxins out of the cells.  Her trampoline is made by <some company>.  Have you heard of this?  Give me some feedback.

Love, Mom



My first reaction when I read your question was: “Sounds unnecessarily risky to me”.  Jumping on a (mini-)trampoline requires a well-developed sense of balance on an unstable surface.  Even with good balance, accidents happen and a fall can result in a very serious injury.  At best, “rebounding” (jumping on a mini-trampoline) is a mild aerobic exercise.  Aerobics (raising your heart rate) is of limited value because what we need is joint mobility and functional strength – the very things CST programs like Intuitive Daily Double help develop.

I did some searching and was hard-pressed to find much in the way of reviews. Almost all the search results are promotional in nature.  However, I did find this: https://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/01/16/ask-well-is-rebounding-good-exercise/ which confirmed my initial reaction.

In my opinion, rebounding is a fad with some dubious claims by its inventor.  Stick with the proven approach of building pain-free mobility and functional strength like Daily Double.