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Green Sally Up Challenge

Green Sally Up
3 Challenges in a Row

In May 2020, I bought a set of resistance bands to help with performing regressions and decided to test them using the “Green Sally Up Challenge”. This was my first use of resistance bands and I wondered if they would make pullups so easy I could complete the entire challenge. As it turned out, no. Even with the bands, I still rep’d to failure.

  • My challenge video (5/9/20)
  • Fitness challenge done to the tune “Flower” by Moby (official Youtube and Spotify links). The name of the challenge is often called “Bring Sally Up” based on mis-hearing the lyrics which say “Green Sally” not “Bring Sally”. Every time the song says “up”, do the upward movement of the exercise and hold there until the song says “down”, at which point do the downward movement of the exercise and hold there until the song says “up”. Continue until failure or the song ends.
  • Lyrics
    • Verse:
      • Green Sally up, Green Sally down
      • Lift and squat gotta tear the ground
    • Chorus:
      • Old Miss Lucy’s dead and gone
      • Left me here to weep and moan
    • Verse 8x, chorus, verse 5x, chorus, verse 5x, chorus, verse 12x, chorus
  • Meaning of the lyrics – A children’s tune sung by American slaves.
  • Challenge videos by others: