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  • How You Can Use Hypertrophy to Grow Your Muscles (Men’s Health)
    • “Hypertrophy is the enlargement of an organ or tissue from the increase in size of its cells. Not to be confused with hyperplasia, the process of increasing the number of cells, hypertrophy is the process of increasing the size of the cells that are already there…Hypertrophy can be thought of as a thickening of muscle fibers…”
  • Should You Be Lifting to Failure (Men’s Journal)
    • If You’re Trying to Get Stronger, Don’t Lift to Failure
      • “When you’re training for strength, that usually means you’re lifting heavier weight in a very low-rep range.”
    • If You’re Trying to Get Bigger, Failure Is Key
      • “If you’re trying to achieve hypertrophy, or get bigger muscles, you’re going more for training effect than big weight…Training for size is an even mixture of lifting weights, lower rest intervals, and employing methods to ensure fatigue.”
      • “Include eccentric failure sets in your size workouts, and tack them on to a final set of your strength workouts, and you’ll get bigger and stronger in no time.”
  • Can’t build muscle with calisthenics? Here’s why (TrainingPal)
    • To build muscle once you are able to perform a certain movement, you must make the movement more difficult (which promote hypertrophy) not increase the number of reps (which promotes endurance).
    • To make the exercise more difficult, add weight
      • a weight vest = good for push ups, squats, calf raises
      • waist weight = good choice for higher loads; pull ups, chin ups, dips
      • ankle weights = good for pull ups, dips
      • keep reps between 6 and 12