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Nitric Oxide Dump

Mercola article and video

  • Benefits
    • Increase mitochondria reproduction (slows effects of aging)
    • Improve cognitive function due to mitochondrial biogenesis
    • Increase VO2 max (cardiovascular endurance)
    • Reduce insulin resistance
    • Promote weight loss by targeting large muscle groups (thighs, arms, shoulders)
  • 4-exercise protocol
    • Squat
    • Forward, straight-arm scissor
    • Half-jumping jack
    • Overhead press
  • Protocol
    • Time required: About 4 minutes
    • 3-sets of the four exercises
    • 10 reps of each exercises. Build up to 20 reps over time.
    • No rest between sets
    • Breathe through nose
    • Perform entire protocol 3 times daily, waiting at least 2 hours between sessions