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Push Ups

Mercola Article

  • Excellent, lengthy, detailed article
  • The Journal of the American Medical Association found that men who can do at least 40 pushups within 30 seconds have a lower risk of developing cardiovascular problems in the next 10 years compared to those who were only able to do fewer than 10 pushups.

Push Ups & Dips for Chest, Shoulders & Triceps (Calisthenic Movement)

  • “Almost every push up or dip variation trains all parts of the pushing muscles and you can only change main focus for specific muscles.”
  • Keep elbows in to avoid stress on the rotator cuff
  • Anteversion/flexion = arms move from back to front
  • Adduction = arms move outward to inward
  • Dip technique and variations
    • Hand position: wide (focuses on chest) vs narrow (focuses on triceps)
    • On rings, turn rings out at extension to strengthen rotator cuff
    • Bulgarian = on rings
    • Korean dip = body in front of straight bar, hands behind back with pronated (under hand) grip; or ring turn out dip
  • Push up technique and variations
    • Hand position: wide (focuses on chest) vs narrow (focuses on shoulder and triceps)
    • Pseudo-planch: lean forward with shoulders in front of hands; focuses on shoulders
    • Bulgarian = on rings
    • Sphinx push up = movement is restricted to forearm extension from the elbow; strong focus on triceps; floor or rings
    • Pike: focuses on shoulders
    • Hand stand: focuses on shoulders

How to hit every muscle with a push up (Jeff Cavaliere)

  • Chest activation
    • Squeeze up (isometric adduction)
    • Rotating push up (relative adduction) for chest activation
  • Tricep activation
    • Pancake push up (sphinx)
    • Cobra push up
  • Front deltoid activation
    • Modified planche push up
    • Push away press
    • Pike push up
    • Handstand push up
  • Middle deltoid activation
    • Bodyweight side lateral raise (relative abduction)
  • Back activation
    • Sliding pull down push up
    • Thumbs up push up
    • Back widow
  • Leg activation
    • Glute/ham (Nordic) raise push up (eccentric loading)
    • Ham curl push up
    • Rolling squat push up; more of a conditioning combination movement
    • TKE push up; knee extension causes quad contraction
  • Core
    • Cliff hanger push up
    • Black widow knee slide push up