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Shoulders and Upper Back

How to Get Brutally Strong at Home (Jeff Cavalliere)

  • Straight-Arm Scapular Strength
    • Banded straight-arm push-down
    • Banded front lever raise
  • Horizontal pressing stability
    • Pushup saw (fires the front delts)
    • Modified planche pushup. Same as pushup saw except with hands rotated backwards (between 45 and 90 degrees)
    • Back widow. Lay prone. Raise torso by pushing backwards with elbows, bringing scapulas together. Either reps or static hold.
  • Thoracic extension
    • Banded walk back
    • Banded overhead squat
    • Wall slides. Engages muscles of the posterior chain
  • Hip rotator strength
    • Banded clamshell. Works isolated external rotation of hip
    • Adductor slide lunges
    • Abductor hip drop
  • Overhead press strength
    • Face pull
    • Banded hi-low pull aparts. Work lower traps.
    • Pike pushup. Closed chain.
    • Wall handstand pushup
    • Wall walk. Slow and controlled movement until chest contacts wall.