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Training with Rings

  • Why You Should Use Rings for Your Workout (Calisthenic Movement)
  • How to Start Training on Rings – Tips for Beginners (TrainingPal)
  • Build Muscle Rings Edition (Fitness FAQs)
    • Most important factor in building muscle is total volume. Better to have more overall volume (total reps with time under tension) split over multiple sets than 1 or 2 sets to failure.
    • For chin ups, hold at top for 3 seconds and eccentric down for 3 seconds. Contract back as hard as possible.
    • Ring dips: Lock elbows at top and externally rotate rings to activate triceps. 1 sec hold at top, 3 second eccentric.
    • Rows: 1-2 sec hold at top, 3 second eccentric. Allow shoulder blades to relax at bottom. Keep gluts engaged, pushing hips forward.
    • Shoulder push up (pike push up on rings). Good regression of hand stand push up (harder than pike push up on floor). Externally rotate rings at top.
    • Rear delt fly. Smaller muscle groups (such as on the back of the shoulder) respond better to higher rep training.
    • Tricep dips.