Dear Son,

I just had a visitor and she told me about her rebound exerciser trampoline and her routine. She referred me to a book called “Rebound Exercise for the Millennium” by Albert E. Carter.  She says it is good for taking toxins out of the cells.  Her trampoline is made by <some company>.  Have you heard of this?  Give me some feedback.

Love, Mom



My first reaction when I read your question was: “Sounds unnecessarily risky to me”.  Jumping on a (mini-)trampoline requires a well-developed sense of balance on an unstable surface.  Even with good balance, accidents happen and a fall can result in a very serious injury.  At best, “rebounding” (jumping on a mini-trampoline) is a mild aerobic exercise.  Aerobics (raising your heart rate) is of limited value because what we need is joint mobility and functional strength – the very things CST programs like Intuitive Daily Double help develop.

I did some searching and was hard-pressed to find much in the way of reviews. Almost all the search results are promotional in nature.  However, I did find this: which confirmed my initial reaction.

In my opinion, rebounding is a fad with some dubious claims by its inventor.  Stick with the proven approach of building pain-free mobility and functional strength like Daily Double.


Post-Script: I spoke with a retired nurse who loves her rebounder. She described her experience has positive with respect to improving lymphatic flow. However, she still has significant joint point throughout her body and general mobility restrictions. I showed her one of the IntuFlow mobility exercises for the wrists. After doing the exercises for a period of time, she reported experiencing relief ftom her symptoms, so she expressed interest in learning the full IntuFlow program.